Lewis-Arriola Fire Proection District: Serving rural Southwest Colorado since 1975

Current Membership



Chief: Fire 300 - George Deavers (970-749-1771)

Assistant Chief: Fire 301 - Cory Elliott (970-560-1147)

Captain #1: Fire 302 - Brian Stiegelmeyer (970-739-3856)

Captain #2: Fire 303 - Levi Hill (970-529-6978)

Lieutenant-Training: Fire 304 - Jeremy Dennison (970-739-1941)

Lieutenant-Purchasing: Fire 305 - Dyrl Graf (970-749-7918)

Secretary: Fire 306 - Martha Robinson (970-749-8388)

Safety: FIre 307 - Brad Mustoe (970-799-1126)

EMS Captain: EMS 300 - Kody Deavers (970-749-0953)


Bobby Comisky

Thomas Comisky

Jimmy Gilliland

T.W. Gilliland

Keve Goodall

Emil Hindmarsh

Marissa Hurst

Terry Mustoe

Shawn Peed

Cassie Robinson

David Robinson

Josh Robson

Dani Rogers

Daniel Rogers

Daniel Russell

Andy Watkins

Dillon Wells

Rookies / Brush hogs

Darnell Bradshaw - Rookie

Cadence Bradshaw- Brush hog summer 2020

Ethan Bradshaw- Brush hog summer 2020


Currently accepting applications for additional brothers/sisters. To join membership,  applicants must submit applications prior to 1st Tuesday in November to any current member. Membership committee will review and applicant will be voted on as a rookie by members on the 1st Tuesday of December at monthly meeting. Applicants are under rookie probation/training for minimum of a year before being voted on for active membership.

Current attendance requirements: 

1st Tuesday of each month for member meeting

3rd Tuesday of each month member training

As many calls as possible ~30% of calls

**Rookies also are required to attend an additional training each month TBD between Fire304 and rookie**